09 February 2018

The day has finally arrived – my Legends paperback collection is complete!!

After 20+ years of hunting at used book/good will/thrift stores, I couldn’t be happier to complete the set. Now if I could only get those pesky ‘Legends’ tags replaced…

Bonuses include the Young Jedi Knights series, and the Marvel Comics paperback of ESB.

Displayed in the order as printed by Del Rey.

Shelf 1:

Shelf 2:

Shelf 3:

Shelf 4:

Shelf 5:

Shelf 6:

The top, where I keep canon novels and extra editions:

Some toys I store on the top:

Small comics collection:

Some hardbacks I’m choosing to keep, and others I’ve collected over the years:

…and finally the pile of stuff to get rid of:

My Spreadsheet

I built this sheet to keep track of my collecting progress. Feel free to copy it for your own use.

Chronology copied from Wookieepedia.