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About Me

I was introduced to Star Wars early one Saturday morning when I was maybe 5 or 6 years old. My parents weren’t awake yet and I must have been flipping through tv channels between morning cartoons, when all of a sudden a dark figure who I misheard was “Dark Vader” was waving a lazer sword around the screen and about to make his ultimate confession to a teenage boy in what is now my favorite film of the saga. I was hooked.

Once the shock and awe wore off, and the out-of-context, un-absorbed dialogue which I could barely hear was out of mind, I ran upstairs and jumped in my parent’s bed excited to tell them all about the awesome show I had just found. I was pleasantly surprised when my dad knew exactly what I was talking about and told me I’d be excited to see them from the beginning, properly.

I’m now 31 years old and a lot of life has happened since Han shot first, but Star Wars has always been with me. My dad raised me on the Williams soundtracks which we always had playing in the house, and I would frequently draw my favorite ships from the X-Wing and Tie Fighter flight simulators we played in DOS. Some other favorites like Dark Forces, Shadows of the Empire, and Rogue Squadron would keep me entertained for hours. Ah, the memories.

I’m proud to say my first in-theater viewing of Star Wars was the then-bewildering Special Editions of Spring 1997, which I of course had in widescreen VHS and 2-disc soundtrack formats. I must have watched and listened to those …who knows how many times. I was nearly 14 when The Phantom Menace was released, which is probably the best age I could have been to experience that trilogy. While it’s definitely not my favorite I still carry some nostalgic appreciation for them. The original trilogy will always be the one I resonate with most.

The Books

Between reading books from the library and checking out [read: copying] their collection of the old radio dramas that appeared in the 80s, I was happy to receive my first book of the EU: Shadows of the Empire. I still have not read this title and countless others that I own, which is what brings me here to you, today. Part of the Star Wars experience that has brought me the most joy in my increasing years as an adult has been the hunt for used books in the Legends EU. I frequently scour the ‘used books’ shops whenever I travel up and down the east coast, typically finding a book or two to check off my master list, but merely collecting is no longer good enough!

The time has come to read them all - and why not share some fun with you all along the way!?

On this site, I plan to keep regular updates with my progress on books, share my detailed thoughts about them, and even give them a rating made up of a few key metrics. I’ll be reading some of the newer canon novels, too, but I’m working to complete my Legends collection before focusing on the new timeline.

About the Ratings

The novels will be judged in the following areas: Plot, Characterization, Writing, Star-Wars-iness, and Personal Enjoyment. There’s no reason why my personal feelings about the novels should overshadow any of the other more objective measures, thus it will be evaluated with the same weight.

Each area will be assigned a value between one and five, with one being the lowest score possible for the category. They will then be averaged to calculate the final score, which you could equate to a letter grade if you wish to do so. I much prefer a well planned, clever story to a lot of flash and pizazz, i.e. “fanboying”. You won’t find much of that here, but I will keep my pretensions to a minimum.

May you find some use for my fun antics and ravings on these beloved tales from a galaxy far, far away…

May the force be with you, always!



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